The leading idea of the Villa Decius Association is activity in the field of culture, especially by initiating and moderating a dialogue based on universal values, creating space for the exchange of ideas and a new quality on the socio-cultural scene. However not only the culture is important.

The activities of the Association are accompanied by a strong sense of social and civic responsibility, which allows us to provide effective tools and examples of social dialogue. Building a narrative on key social problems, European and international cooperation, or the issue of national minorities allows us to shape the attitude of civic openness and tolerance to challenges posed by the world. The belief that the broadly understood humanities, understood as intended by the creator of Villa Justus Decius, based on the exchange of thoughts and an interested approach to the unknown, is a chance for development and the right path for democracy and social order. At the same time, this attitude should be defined very broadly, because the activities of the Association are addressed to both the local community and the cultural and scientific communities on a national and international platform. The consequence of this attitude is a number of projects that are and will be undertaken at Villa Decius.

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