Multicultural Festival Krakow – Meeting Place 2019 implemented by Villa Decius Association and Villa Decius Cultural Institute in cooperation with the City of Krakow as an event integrating the multinational community of Krakowians.

The Visegrad Summer School has been an educational project carried out at Villa Decius since 2002. The theme of the 19th edition of the project was primarily business and innovation and cultural heritage in terms of audience development. The organized workshops create a space for innovators, entrepreneurs and cultural managers from different parts of the world to meet and jointly develop new methods of doing business.

Multicultural Festival – New Cracovians 2021 is a series of events addressed to all Cracovians, regardless of their nationality. The festival is all about meeting and getting to know each other. Activities undertaken as part of the festival focus on the joy of communing with another human being, getting to know what he or she has most wonderful, namely his or her different, sometimes so distant and yet unexpectedly close culture.

The conference was part of the project titled: “Intersectoral challenges: specialist in the protection of cultural assets in case of crisis and war – development of a program of postgraduate studies, dedicated to employees working at the border of fields”, implemented in 2020-2022, as a subject of cooperation between the Villa Decius Association in Krakow, the Naval Academy in Gdynia and the Villa Decius Cultural Institute in Krakow, within the framework of the Education Program, with funds from the Financial Mechanism of the European Economic Area 2014-2021 and the Polish State budget.

Visegrad Summer School – a two-week training series for young people from the Visegrad Group countries and Eastern Europe carried out annually since 2002. The aim of the project is to deepen knowledge of regional and global challenges, eliminate mutual stereotypes, build ties and friendly contacts.

Invited guests of past editions of the project include: Danuta Hübner, Dariusz Rosati, Leszek Balcerowicz, Adam Michnik, Martin Ehl, Paul Gillespie, Csaba G. Kiss, Lászlό Rajk, Miroslav Kusý, Jan Kavan, Magdaléna Vašáryov, Boris Tarasyuk, Tamar Beruchashvili, Jan Truszczynski, Maciej Szpunar
et al.

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