Since its establishment in 1996, the Villa Decius Association has implemented many initiatives and activities for the promotion and development of culture, science and art on the local, regional and international forum, cooperating with Polish and foreign scientific, artistic and economic communities.

From the very beginning, the program activity of the Association has been interdisciplinary, and the subject matter of the implemented projects includes issues serving the development of international cultural and intellectual cooperation, deepening the processes of European integration, protection of cultural heritage, shaping attitudes of tolerance and promotion of human rights. A special place in Villa’s activity is also occupied by literature and its translations serving mutual understanding and dialogue between nations and cultures.

The programs of the Villa Decius Association can be divided into three main areas:

  • developing humanistic thought and civil society,
  • supporting and promoting artistic and literary creativity,
  • promotion and protection of the cultural heritage and tradition of Villa Decius.

From the very beginning of its existence, the Association’s goal was to make the Villa a forum for the exchange of ideas of representatives of different cultures, nationalities and areas of interest. Supported by scientists, diplomats, journalists, and non-governmental organizations, for years we have been creating a platform for dialogue in Villa Decius, a place for meetings and discussions on pressing contemporary issues. The international conferences and debates organized by us with the participation of the most eminent representatives of the world of science, culture and politics make Villa Decius, as prof. Jacek Woźniakowski – “a place of meeting and cooperation, a witness and participant in the radiation of European culture.” In recent years, debates have focused on issues of: global migration processes and human rights violations related to them, academic freedom, the relationship between law and culture, and the role of global powers.

More information on the programs implemented by the Villa Decius Association can be found in the thematic tabs below.

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