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Ducats of Decius

About program:

Decjusz Ducats is a program popularizing knowledge about economics, history and numismatics addressed to primary school students from grades 4-6, mainly from small towns in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship. The topics of the classes are selected issues related to the history of money from ancient times to the present day, its value and role, and monetary policy. Part of the classes is devoted to the presentation of the figures of Nicolaus Copernicus and Justus Decius (authors of the leading economic treatises of the Renaissance era leading to the dispute regarding monetary reform) and the Renaissance era itself. The classes are conducted by experts and specialists in the field of economics and culture, who will present, among others: development of economics, monetary policy of Poland and the EU, numismatics, and will present the Renaissance and its outstanding representatives. The program lasts from 16.00 – 9.00 and includes a visit to Villa Decius, lectures, numismatic workshops, accommodation, dinner and breakfast. Participants sleep on mattresses, in their own sleeping bags, in representative rooms on the first floor of Villa Decius. During one edition of the program, we can accept approximately 25 children, teachers and guardians.

fot. Paweł Mazur

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