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Hip hop! Stop the haters!

About project:

“Hip-hop! Stop the haters!” is an initiative of the Villa Decius Association, promoting tolerance and equal opportunities in local communities, the aim of which is to combat discrimination and hate speech using self-irony, comedy, music and film. The project involves the implementation of a series of 5-day comedy and music workshops for students in small towns in Poland, as well as the production of a documentary film and the creation of an internet portal run by young people. The aim of the project is to use the creative potential of junior high school students and to encourage young people to actively participate in public life. The project will involve partners: professional creators (actors, musicians and filmmakers) who will act as experts responsible for the quality and professionalism of activities and will help in promoting the project.

Workshops with students from School No. 27 in Podedworz (June 3-5, 2014)

Workshops with students from the Junior High School. priest prof. Józef Tischner in Ratułów (May 27-29, 2014)

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