Cultural Heritage

Music at the Courts of Europe

The program refers to the tradition of musical meetings organized at Villa Decius by its previous owners.

The first owner of the Villa, Justus Louis Decius, invited here friends and scholars who came to see King Sigismund the Old. In the 19th century, Princess Marcelina Czartoryska organized social salons and historical concerts in the Villa. The intimate interior of the Villa is an ideal place for early music, performed on instruments modeled on historic prototypes, such as baroque violin, viola da gamba, harpsichord.

The series includes concerts accompanied by dance and vocal sequences. The concerts are honored by the performances of soloists of the court ballet “Ardente sole”, who perform historical dances in faithfully reproduced period costumes.


Katarzyna Trojanowska

Evening 20th Schönbrunn Palace

An anniversary concert referring to the tradition of the Viennese court of Leopold I Habsburg.
(November 16, 2008).

Evening 19th Frederiksborg Castle. Music at the court of King Christian IV of Denmark

The musicians of the Consortium Sedinum Court Band recreated the works of: William Brade, John Dowland, Jan Pieterszoon Sweelinck, Francis Piklington and Adam Jarzębski on ancient instruments (June 29, 2008).

Evening 18th Sworzów Castle in Milan

The Consortium Sedinum Court Band presented works by Italian composers of the Renaissance: Fabricio Caroso, Cesare Negri, Georgio Mainerio and others (November 18, 2007).

Evening of the 17th Prado – music at the Bourbon court in Madrid

The program included works by Luigi Boccherini and Mauro Guliani. The dances presented were a reflection of both trends prevailing in Europe, as well as a reference to the indigenous culture of Spain, (April 22, 2007).

Evening of the 16th century German courts of the 17th century: Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania

The concert program included works by composers associated with the courts of princes, aristocracy and German clergy in the 17th century (October 18, 2006).

Fifteenth Evening Music at the Habsburg court

A performance on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the birth of W. A. Mozart, prepared based on the most famous works of Austrian composers of the classical era, (April 23, 2006).


14th Evening Rome

Musicians of the Consortium Sedinum Court Band presented the music of the Italian Renaissance
(October 14, 2005).

Evening XIII Music of Ukrainian composers at the courts of Russia and Italy

The CONSORTIUM SEDINUM court band presented the achievements of Ukrainian composers writing in the Mozart era (June 26, 2005).

Evening of the 12th Carols at the Old Polish Court

The theme of the concert referred to the upcoming Christmas season and carol customs at the courts of Sigismund the Old and Sigismund Augustus, (December 5, 2004).

Evening 11th Versailles – Music at the court of the kings of France

The Consortium Sedinum Early Music Ensemble performed works by Marin Maras, Joseph Bodin de Boismortier, Jean Philippe Rameau, Michel Corrette, (June 20, 2004).

Evening 10th Royal Court in Naples

An anniversary concert, during which artists presented works by composers associated with the royal court in Naples from the period when it was ruled by the Spanish Habsburg line (October 2003).

Evening 9th Saxon Court in Dresden

The music of German composers, including Johann Sebastian Bach, was accompanied by minuets as well as the march and dance of the King of Poland (April 2003).

Evening VIII Gonzaga Court in Mantua

The halls of Villa Decius were filled with music by Italian composers of the 16th and 17th centuries (December 2002).

Evening VII Esterhaz Castle

This time the prince’s court was presented, where German dances were often performed (May 2002).

Evening VI Habsburgs in Vienna – Schönbrunn and Hofburg

Viewers admired 17th-century dances performed at Viennese courts,
(April 2002).

Evening 5th Old Polish Manor

Music lovers had the opportunity to listen to performances of works by little-known Polish composers, including Stanisław Sylwester Szarzyński, Adam Jarzębski and Marcin Mielczewski (November 2001).

Evening IV Windsor – Whitehall – Vauxhall

The concert featured the world-famous soprano Alison Pearce from the Royal Academy of Music in London (August 2001).

Evening III Venice

Thanks to the music, listeners were transported to seventeenth-century Italy
to the court of the Doges of Venice, (April 2001).

Evening II Sanssouci

Music composed at the court of Frederick II the Great was performed (September 2000).

Evening I Wawel

The audience listened to medieval and Renaissance music, the title referred to the extremely strong contacts in the Renaissance between the royal court and the residence of Justus Louis Decius, who invited friends and scholars who came to Sigismund the Old’s castle to his Villa.

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