Cultural Heritage

Pixel. Polish-Norwegian Photography Platform

The Piksel project was conceived as a kind of experiment involving the artistic reinterpretation of the functions of industrial facilities in urban space.

For this purpose, Polish-Norwegian photography workshops were organized with the participation of 17 young generation photographers in Krakow and Oslo. The works created as a result of the workshops will be presented at an exhibition in Oslo and at an exhibition in the Villa Decius (October), accompanied by a conference entitled The industrial space of the city. Heritage and innovation and the publication of a catalog documenting the entire project.

The aim of the project is to promote the work of Polish and Norwegian photographers and to combine works created as a result of experimental workshops with a debate on creative cities conducted in the social, anthropological and cultural context. The organizers intended the organizers to bring Norwegian artists into contact with the Polish post-industrial reality and Polish artists with the Norwegian experience, which will be expressed in innovative interpretations of abandoned places that are the unused legacy of the industrial era, and in the long run it will also be an inspiration for people dealing with the strategic development of cities.


Katarzyna Trojanowska

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