Homines Urbani 2006 Scholars

Study stays for writers and translators at Villa Decius in Krakow.

Agnieszka Drotkiewicz

born in 1983, author of the novel “Paris, London, Dachau”, is currently studying cultural studies at Warsaw University, where she graduated in international relations. She has conducted many interviews for Gazeta Wyborcza with Ukrainian authors, among others. She lives in Warsaw and is working on her second novel.

Thomas Escher

born in 1975, a student at the German Institute of Literature in Leipzig, has published several volumes of poems, which were published, among others, in the anthology of the National Library of German-language poetry 2004, in 2001 his volume Lines 72 was published. He is currently working on a novel about a young man searching for his roots, traces of the forgotten (silenced) history of his own family.

Juhasia Kalada

born in 1981 in Belarus, a lawyer by profession, writes prose and poetry, published in magazines and anthologies, in 2005 she published the controversial novel Der Grundfehler von Afanasij, hailed? in Belarus as “the literary scandal of the decade.”

Thomas Podhostnik

Born in 1972, studied directing, sociology, politics, literature (DLL “creative writing”), wrote and directed more than 30 documentaries, published in many anthologies, articles for the literary magazine “Edit”. Since 1999 he has been a freelance writer (scripts, directing more than 30 documentaries). His short stories have been published in the press and anthologies.

Natalka Śniadanko

Born in 1973, Ukrainian writer, literary critic, journalist, translator from German and Polish; lives in Lviv. Her novel Collection of Passions [published by Pyramid, Lviv] was published in 2001 (in Poland 2004). In 2005 her translation of Franz Kafka’s The Castle was published; this is the first translation of this novel into Ukrainian.

Michał Witkowski

born in 1975, writer, journalist, studied Polish Studies at the University of Wroclaw, author of the novel Lubiewo (Ha!art. 2005), which was also released? on CD read by the author. He made his debut with the prose volume Copyright, for which he was awarded the Poznań Review’s ‘Book of the Year’ award for debut. Numerous publications in German-language literary magazines and anthologies, including: “WIR”, “Muschelhaufen” and “Lauter Niemand”.



Andrej Chadanowicz

born in 1973 in Minsk, poet, poetry translator, essayist, lecturer (history of French literature, general literature, art of translation), member of the Union of Belarusian Writers and the Belarusian PEN-Club. Translates poetry? from English, Polish (including Galczynski, Milosz, Herbert, Twardowski), Russian, Ukrainian (including Andrukhovych, ?adan), French. Author of poetry volumes Stare wiersze (2003), Listy spod kołdry (2004) Rodacy lub limeryki białoruskie (2005) and From Belarus with love (2005). A volume of his poems in translation into Ukrainian was published in 2002, and a volume of poems in translation of New Year’s celebrations was published in 2006. His poems have also been translated? into English, Lithuanian, Latvian and German. He lives in Minsk.

Nicolai Kobus

Born in 1968, poet, critic, copywriter. He studied musicology, German studies and philosophy at the University of Münster. He has won numerous literary prizes, including the Wolfgang Weyrauch Prize of the city of Darmstadt in 1999, the Literary Prize of the Society for the Promotion of Westphalian Culture in 2004 and the Ernst Meister Prize awarded by the city of Hagen in 2005. His most recent publication is a comprehensive volume of poetry “hard cover” (Münster, September 2006, Ardey-Verlag). He lives in Hamburg. For more information, visit his website at

Tanja Malarczuk

born in 1983 in Ivano-Frankivsk, graduated in Ukrainian philology from the Subcarpathian State University in Ivano-Frankivsk, and currently works as a journalist for Kanal 5 TV. Her texts have appeared in the cult Ukrainian literary magazine Thursday (editor-in-chief Yuriy Izdryk) and in the magazine Krytyka. So far she has published two novels: Chess and Mat Adolfo or Roses for Liza (2004), From Top to Bottom. The Book of Fears (2006). She lives in Kiev.

Mirek Nahacz

Born in 1984 in Gorlice. He studies cultural anthropology at the Faculty of Polish Studies at Warsaw University. He has written reviews for Lampa magazine, columns for Filipinka, and essays: “2025” (Almanac “Young Euro Connect 2005”, publication on the occasion of the Forum of Young European Writers, Berlin 2005), “Where Satan Hid” (Lampa No. 10/2005), co-wrote the script for the TV series “Examination of Life” (TVP2). Author of novels (all published by Czarne): “Eight Four” (2003), “Bombel” (2004), “Bocian and Lola” (2005).

Katja Thomas

Born in 1980 in Gotha (Saxony), she studied German studies, journalism and communications. Since 2005 she has been studying creative writing at the German Institute of Literature in Leipzig. Practiced as a journalist at the Thüringer Landeszeitung in Gotha and Ostseezeitung in Greifswald, among others. Publishes in anthologies and journals: Texts of the Hessian-Thuringian Literature Forum; Zeichen und Wunder. Zeitschrift für Kultur; L. Der Literaturbote. He lives in Leipzig.

Serhij ?adan

Born in 1974, poet, novelist, performer, director. Author of several volumes of poetry, prose volume Big Mac (2003), novels: Depeche Mode (2004), Anarchy in Ukr (2005; Polish edition 2007) and Hymn of Democratic Youth (2005; Polish edition 2007). He has created an original style in poetry – he has managed to po??? the tradition of Ukrainian poetry (especially Futurism) and elements of punk culture with the symbolic industrial space of the urban landscape. He has won many awards including the Bu-Ba-Bu for the best poem of 1998, and lives in Kharkiv.

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