Homines Urbani 2007 Scholars

Study stays for writers and translators at Villa Decius in Krakow September – October 2007


She was born in 1984 in Kiev. She graduated from journalism at Kiev National University. Prose writer, journalist. Winner of the literary prize of the journal Suczasnist (“Contemporary”) in 2006. She has published in many Ukrainian magazines and anthologies, including: “Suczasnist”, “Svyatyj Volodymyr”, “Potojbicz pauzy”. Author of the novel “History” (Calvary Publishing House, Lviv 2006). Participant in several literary events, including: “Night of Poetry” (Lviv 2005), 2nd International Literary Festival (Lviv 2007).


was born in 1978 in Winterthur, Switzerland. He gained a profession as a forester and later worked as a journalist. He is a graduate of the German Institute of Literature in Leipzig. He has published in journals and anthologies, including Jahrbuch der Lyrik 2006 (S.Fischer Verlag) and Akzente (Hanser Verlag 2007). In the spring of 2007 he was the recipient of the Edith-Stein-Haus scholarship in Breslau. He lives in Leipzig.


was born in 1976 in Sluchanka near Bialystok. He writes, translates from English, Spanish and Amharic. He travels throughout Central America and East Africa. He is interested in aviation. She has a cat named “Kawa” and a snake named “Susie.” In 2006, the CZARNE Publishing House published his debut novel titled “Niehalo”, for which Ignacy Karpowicz was nominated for the Polityka Passport, and in 2007 the novel “Miracle”.


Born in 1982 in Minsk, she is a poet, literary critic and translator. She has translated numerous Polish poets and prose writers, including Stefan Chwin, Jaroslaw Iwaszkiewicz and Konstanty Ildefons Galczynski, as well as translations from Czech (Jáchym Topol) and Ukrainian (Viktor Neborak). She was a finalist in a literary competition organized by the Belarusian PEN Club. She has published in many Polish, Belarusian and international magazines and anthologies. She lives in Minsk.


was born in 1980 in Warsaw, Poland. He writes, photographs and translates. He graduated from sociology at the Sorbonne. He has published short stories in literary magazines and had several photographic exhibitions. He earned a living as a room painter, photographer, translator and assistant to a blind psychotherapist. He made his debut with the novelś “Reisefieber” (Znak, 2006), which was nominated for the NIKE Literary Award this year.


Born in 1974, he is from Halle/Saale, a former East German industrial region. 2000-2003 he worked as a director at several theaters in Berlin, Glasgow and Dijon. Since 2003, he has worked as a screenwriter and playwright on various radio and television productions. He is a certified theater director. He has written numerous radio plays for Radio Bremen, Deutschlandradio, among others. Since 2006, he has been working with Marianne Wendt on “SchillerWendt – Text für Ton und Bild” (




b. 1981, writer, student at the National Film, Television and Theater School in Lodz – film and television production, lives in Warsaw. She debuted with a mini-novel about abortion titled “Ślad po mamie”, included in the anthology “Proza życia” 2003 and reissued as a separate book in 2006. The novel “Ma?” (2005) is her book debut. It is a publishing phenomenon of sorts: it was published in two versions. The brown and blue one from May ends gloomily, the June version, in purple and celadon colors, optimistically. She has published in Ha!art and Lamp, among other publications. She is also the author of short films: “One Day in the Life of a Little Girl” (2002), “This is Us” (2004). She works at TVP Kultura.


b. 1974 in Hamburg, lives in Berlin. She has collaborated in the production of numerous cinema and television films. She studied at the German Institute of Literature in Leipzig (DLL). In 2005 and 2006 she worked on the editorial board of “Tippgemeinschaft,” an anthology of authors studying at DLL. She was awarded a scholarship to the 9th Klagenfurt Literature Course organized as part of the competition for the Ingeborg Bachmann Literary Prize (2005). Also in 2005, she produced the short film “Der Krake,” won first place at the literary competition for young German-language literature “open mike” in Berlin, and received Carinthia’s promotional literary prize. After receiving her diploma from the Leipzig Institute, she participated in the “Young Literature in Europe” conference in Greifswald. She has published, among other things, in the magazine “die horen.” Her book debut, a novel entitled “Durst ist schlimmer als Heimweh” [“Desire is worse than a longing for home”] will be published in the fall of 2007 by Piper Publishing House.


b. 1981 in Kharkiv. Graduated in journalism from Kharkiv State University (he is currently pursuing a doctorate). Poet, prose writer, journalist, critic, essayist, winner of literary awards “?????????” (“Torch”), “?????? ????” (“Young wine”). Author of the poetry collection “??????? ? ?????” (“Short and Long”) (Kyiv 2003), numerous publications in magazines and anthologies, including: the magazine “Krytyka”, the Ukrainian literary portal, the Ukrainian-German poetry anthology “10 ?????????? -10 EUROpäer”, the anthology “Poetry ? 1” . Participant in many cultural and literary events: 1st International Literary Festival Lviv, “Page Number 9” Odessa, “In the name of culture Kharkov”, “Wind from the East Ivano-Frankovsk”, “Traktor, festival of optimism”, Kiev, “Strong male poetry”, Kiev, “Asian Renaissance Donetsk”.


b. 1978, comes from Piórkowo (Świętokrzyskie Mountains). Studied law at Maria Curie-Skłodowska University in Lublin, then Polish philology at Wroclaw University. Prose writer, playwright, author of film scripts. He made his debut in 2000 in “Twórczość.” In 2005, a film was made based on his short story “Stacja Mirsk”, which Masternak co-produced. The etude received the Grand Prix at the IX Krakow Film Festival “KRAKFFA”. He is working on an autobiographical novel series “Duchy”. In 2006, in Wyd. Zysk i S-ka, he published two books from this cycle – “Long Live Free?” and “Chmuro?ap”. The next two – “Jackknife” and “New Heaven, New Earth”(co-written with ?on? Renat?) will be published in 2007. “Long Live Freedom” will be filmed this year as “The Principality” by director A. Baranski.


b. 1975 in Neuwied. She studied cultural studies and cultural pedagogy at the University of Hildesheim. Since graduating in 2002, she has conducted workshops and seminars on “Creative Writing.” In 2004, she received the Martha Saalfeld Literary Promotion Award from the Rhineland-Palatinate. Her debut book “Der heilige Erwin” [“Saint Erwin”] was published in 2005 and has already been translated into Korean. Her short story “Die Patin” [“The Godmother”] won second place in the “Agatha-Christie-Krimipreis” contest in 2006. In addition, she has published in numerous magazines and anthologies, including: “D AS MAGAZIN. Die Lust zu Lesen” (2004, Berlin) and “Literaturjahrbuch 11” (2005, Frankfurt/Main). He is currently working on a collection of short stories, “Fremde Frunde” [“Foreign Friends”] and a crime novel, “Ich sehe was, was du nicht siehst” [“I see what you don’t see”]. He lives in Cologne.


Was born in 1980 in Brest. He graduated from Brest State University (2004). Poet, prose writer, translator from English, Polish and Ukrainian. Winner of literary contests named after Natalia Arsenevnai (2002), named after U?adzimir Karatkevich (2004) and the 100th anniversary of Nasha Niva (2006), organized by the Belarusian PEN-Club. Participant of several international poetry festivals, including “??????? ????” (Minsk, 2006), “?????” (Lviv, 2006), “Druskininkai Poetic Fall” (Druskininkai-Vilnius, 2006). He has published in anthologies, newspapers and magazines, including: “Nasza Niwa”, ARCHE. He is currently preparing for publication a volume of poems “Ninety Forever” and translating Wislawa Szymborska’s poems into Belarusian.

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