RADAR – literary magazine

Three languages, three nations, three literatures… Or how about another way? Three languages, more than three nations, but one literature. That’s why RADAR was created, an international literary magazine, broadcast and published in German, Polish and Ukrainian.

About project:

It started with the “Homines Urbani” program at Villa Decius in 2014, joint trips to Berlin and Lviv, several festivals. A network of literary contacts was formed and there was a need to create a platform for the exchange of information, texts and trends. That platform is now RADAR. All articles are presented in three languages, elevating them above the idea of national literatures. This allows for better understanding, discussion, argument and, above all, mutual inspiration.

RADAR appreciates those who are sometimes forgotten,” he explains. It is thanks to them that this project can exist. They are the full-fledged creators of literature. Some of the magazine’s editors are involved in translations, so it emphasizes the fact that “a translator is also an author.”

RADAR publishes poetry, prose, drama, reports, criticism, essays… Everything that is literature in its very broad and multimedia sense. The website shows the news, the printed RADAR is a thematic selection of texts. Each issue will have a theme.

The editors invite authors, translators, critics and editors, as well as institutions that are close to the idea of RADAR. Together, on literary grounds, we will create a piece of the world without borders. All printed issues of RADAR are available online.

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