SAGA – creativity workshops

About project:

is a comprehensive proposal for the education, integration and activation of older people and the use of their knowledge, competences and potential for the development of the immediate environment and local communities. Creative writing workshops allow you to gain knowledge about literary genres and the process of creating a work. They enable you to become acquainted with techniques of narration, description of events and building a plot, ways of building dialogues and scenes, creating characters and composing literary and applied texts, as well as contemporary forms of social communication including the media and the Internet. Participants gain knowledge introducing them to the world of their own literary works by participating in workshops and seminars. During classes that include working with texts, literary games and homework, they put into practice the acquired skills by working in workshop groups of their choice: prose and media. The creative writing course is complemented by open meetings of the Literary Salon – we offer lectures on literary theory and contemporary trends, discussions on contemporary and ancient Polish literature, and meetings with authors. We host authors, journalists, publishers and other specialists in this field. The program is complemented by the volunteer Saga Club, co-created by participants who want to share their knowledge, experience and skills.

A group of club members called Cycads runs its own website

Coordinator: Jolanta Mirecka


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