Autumn Edition of Visegrad Literary Residency Program in the Villa Decius

In the first days of September we welcomed the Autumn Residents who came to Krakow within the Visegrad Literary Residency Program 2023. Four artists from Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary will stay in Villa Decius until the end of November.

Łukasz Jarosz (born 1978)

poet, musician, drummer, vocalist and lyricist of the groups: Chaotic Splutter, Lesers Bend, Mgłowce, Zziajani Porywacze Makowców, Baza Ludzi Żywych. Author of several poetry collections, winner of many literary awards, including the Wislawa Szymborska Award in 2013 (for the book “Pełna krew” [“Full Blood”]). Twice nominated for the Nike Literary Award (for the books “Świat fizyczny” [Physical World] and “Kardonia i Faber” [Kardonia and Faber]). He lives in Żurad near Olkusz.

Miloš Hroch (born in 1989)

is a music journalist from Prague. He contributes to the British music magazine The Wire and the Czech weekly magazine Respekt. He has published in The Guardian, The Quietus, and The Tribune. With Karel Veselý, he co-authored the book Všechny kočky jsou šedé (Paseka, 2020) which is a cultural history of emotions in popular music. He is a researcher and lecturer at the Department of Media Studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences (Charles University).

Ivana Komanická

before she fully embraced writing she had an academic career writing on and curating visual art. In her autofictive debut “Pre teba sa postavím proti sebe” (“For You I Will Rise Against Myself”, 2018) she rewrote her artistic journey by returning to her teenage poems and rewriting them into a story. She is the author of a bilingual book ot poetry “Poézia pre dvoch / Poetry for Two” (2021) and a poetry book “Zvádzanie rozumu” (Persuasion, 2023). Recently she got a grant research position at the Philosophy Institute in Bratislava. She runs an independent one-woman press „Horská lucerna”.

Ilka Papp-Zakor

was born in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, where she studied Russian and Hungarian philology. After earning her M.A. in Hungarian, she moved to Helsinki, Finland, where she semi-officially attended biology courses at the local university and trained rats. Her debut short story collection titled “Angel Dinner”, won the JAK-kendő Award and was published in 2015 by József Attila Kör, her second collection, “The Last Zoo”, and her first novel, “One fine day”, were both released by Kalligram Publishing House, in 2018, respectively in 2021. Currently she is working on two novels, one about a ventriloquist, the other about a school teacher whose twin sister turns out to be the fiddler from the Moon.

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