Visegrad Literary Residences – spring 2018

We started this year’s series of literary residencies with a bang. On May 1, scholarship holders of two international residency programs came to Villa Decius: the Visegrad Literary Residencies and the Krakow UNESCO City of Literature Residency Program. We warmly welcome our six guests, who over the next few weeks will not only implement their individual creative projects here, but will also become part of Krakow’s literary life, taking part in festivals and literary events.

Gabi Csutak (1977)

Lives in Budapest. She studied philosophy, aesthetics and drama. Writer, translator, journalist. Winner of the Mihály Babits translation scholarship for translating contemporary Romanian literature into Hungarian. Her first collection of short stories, Still Life with a Dragon, was published in 2017. Most of her texts are set in the realities of Romania in the 1980s and evoke the aura of childhood spent in the last decade of Romanian socialism, portraying the absurdities of dictatorship. In 2018, she represented Hungary at the European First Novel Festival in Budapest.

Jakub Juhas (1990)

Studied cultural studies and interactive media. He is interested in various forms of experimental music, which is reflected in his curatorial, journalistic and theoretical activities. He manages a small music label, Mappa Editions. Author of the debut prose “New Year’s Ascent to Yasenina”.

Michael Alexa  (1989)

Translator and literary critic. He studied Polish studies at Masaryk University in Brno and comparative studies at Charles University in Prague. Currently, he is finishing his doctoral thesis devoted to Barańczak, Krynicki and Zagajewski, and is working on the translation of Jacek Dukaj’s Lod.

Hubert Klimko-Dobrzaniecki (1967)

Writer, translator and columnist. He is the author of collections of short stories and novels, for which he was nominated for the Nike, Angelus and Cogito literary awards. He was also in the finals of Polityka’s Passports. His books have been translated into nine languages so far. He also writes film scripts and books for children. Lives in Vienna.

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