Study visit of a literary group to Villa Decius

The Senior Activity Center at Villa Decius hosted a group of literature enthusiasts from Nuremberg. The group was founded 30 years ago and the purpose of their meetings is invariably to get to know the leading titles and discuss books written by women. Among the translations from Polish literature that were discussed before arriving in Krakow, there were, among others, texts by Żanna Słoniowska, considered one of the most interesting voices of contemporary European literature.

The meeting at Villa Decius was also attended by Andreas Volk – Laureate of the Karl Dedecius in 2022, a translator dealing primarily with the translation of dramatic works that play a significant role in the intensification of Polish-German theatrical contacts. In recent years, Andreas Volk has worked with Villa Decius as the editor of the Polish-German-Ukrainian literary magazine “Radar”, and is currently working on translating a contemporary theater play by Małgorzata Sikorska-Miszczuk.

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