Cultural Heritage

POWER: European Heritage Spaces

European Heritage Spaces in Adult Education – a comprehensive plan to develop the competencies of the Villa Decius Association’s staff is a two-year international mobility program to be implemented from 2019-2021.

About project:

Creating quality cultural and educational offerings is only possible when cultural managers are constantly developing. It is necessary to follow trends and exchange good practices and search for new educational forms and methods. The main goal of the project was to strengthen the international dimension of the organization, thanks to the improvement of the competence of the team (people involved in adult education programs). The program included activities in the form of job shadowing mobility in renowned European institutions carrying out activities in a similar thematic area, trips to scientific conferences, language courses. The institutions and projects included in the mobility had a common denominator: they were embedded in historical sites, had similar program profiles, audience groups, while what differed them, and was subject to transfer, was, for example, the range of activities, the degree of use of modern technologies, the level of involvement of volunteers, financing methods and cultural context.

The project also provided language courses and training to meet the current needs of the team. Long-term benefits include the preparation of an enriched program offer of non-formal adult education, the introduction of innovative methods of heritage interpretation, European standards, the acquisition of new Polish and foreign language audiences, and on the international level the positioning of a strong center connecting international academic, cultural.



Willa Decjusza
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