Arts in Exile residencies!

The Arts in Exile project is addressed to artists in three fields of art – literature, music and visual arts.

Villa Decius will provide a three-month residency for three artists who were forced to leave their country for economic, political, security, ethnic persecution reasons, etc.

The aim of the project is to create conditions for residents to work creatively individually, but also to cooperate within three fields of art and prepare a joint artistic project. It will be presented by the scholarship holders to a wider audience during the summarizing event. Areas of joint artistic activities include topics related to cultural heritage, problems of minorities, diasporas, communities and communities, displacement, the experience of trauma and general issues related to the freedom of art. The project is aimed at building recipients’ sensitivity to migration problems and creating an environment friendly to diversity.

Call for applications & Residency Terms and Conditions can be found:

Application form: 

The project operator is the Villa Decius Association.

The project is carried out as part of the Culture Moves Europe program, financed by the European Union.

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