Cultural Diplomacy

Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management

The Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management is a one-year training for young specialists from the Visegrad Group and the Eastern Partnership countries, working in the field of culture. The training program includes: a training session; work on your own project, a study visit, and a diploma seminar.


The aim of the Academy is to enable participants to develop managerial skills and knowledge in the field of project management, necessary for both cultural cooperation and work on reforms in the countries covered by the project.

The main assumption of the Visegrad Academy of Cultural Management (VACuM), organized with the support of partners, is to animate the processes of positive change through:

  • development of skills and competences in the field of cultural and social policy and management
  • strengthening the democratic transformation and development of the societies of the Visegrad countries and the Eastern Partnership
  • activities for integration and cooperation between the European Union and the Eastern Partnership countries

The program is addressed to culture managers from European Union countries (Visegrad Group) and Eastern Partnership countries and enables them to:

  • expanding knowledge on cultural policy in European, national and regional practice
  • developing professional and managerial skills
  • preparation for active participation in the reform process
  • joining the European cultural exchange network
  • using European practices to develop local communities


Willa Decjusza


Willa Decjusza


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