Forum for the Dialogue of Cultures. Screenwriting and Playwriting Scholarships.



The project “Forum for the Dialogue of Cultures. Screenwriting and Playwriting Scholarships”, run by the Villa Decius Association since 2018, is a residency program addressed to authors of film and television screenplays, computer and board games scenarios, as well as radio and theater plays from Poland and Germany. It involves the organization of two month-long scholarship stays annually for four or six artists from Poland and Germany. During the residency, the artists work on individual script projects and discover the opportunities for finding support in the implementation of their scripts during networking meetings with the representatives of creative industries in Krakow. The texts written by German artists are translated into Polish, which is intended to help them establish cooperation with Polish institutions. During their stay, the artists also conduct workshops and lectures for students of philological faculties and for organized groups participating in the educational offer of Krakow theaters. Scholarship holders receive a financial grant of PLN 3,000 and accommodation in the Villa Decius palace complex for the duration of their monthly residency.

Literarisches Colloquium Berlin is a partner in the project, and the project is financed by the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation. During the implementation of the project, the Villa Decius Association also cooperated with the National Old Theater in Krakow and the Krakow Film Commission.



The aim of the program is to improve the mobility of Polish and German creators of culture and to promote and deepen intercultural dialogue, as well as to popularize contemporary literature and cultural heritage and to enhance the institutional cooperation in the field of literary residential stays.


Willa Decjusza


Willa Decjusza
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