Homines Urbani. Scholarships and internships for writers and translators.


About program:

The main theme is literature as a platform for understanding European homines urbani. “Urbani” not only in the narrow sense of “urban”, but “worldly” – familiar with the world and open to the world. Krakow, called the “city of poets”, is a city created for such dialogue. Villa Decius – a Renaissance palace with rich humanistic traditions is a locus amoenus, locus superior – an ideal place for meetings and intellectual and artistic exchange.

Twice a year, in spring and autumn, writers, literary critics and translators come here. They spend three months in Krakow. They live in a historic outbuilding in the Renaissance Villa Decius, surrounded by a park. They work on their own creative projects, participate in the city’s cultural life together, get to know and inspire each other. During the scholarship, they initiate and co-organize literary meetings, discussions and workshops.

The Homines Urbani program also offers creative scholarships for people from German-speaking countries implementing artistic projects related to Poland (photographers, filmmakers, journalists, etc.), on dates agreed individually. These scholarships are awarded for a period of 1 to 3 months.

Villa Decius scholarship holders and interns

-Homines Urbani 2009 scholarship holders
-Homines Urbani 2008 scholarship holders
-Homines Urbani 2007 scholarship holders
-Homines Urbani 2006 scholarship holders
-Homines Urbani 2005 scholarship holders
-Homines Urbani 2004 scholarship holders
-Scholarship holders of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and the Land Culture Foundation 2006
-Scholarship holders of the Foundation for Polish-German Cooperation and the Land Culture Foundation 2005
-Scholarship holders of the Land Culture Foundation 2004
-Scholarship holders of the Land Culture Foundation 2003

Scholarship program coordinator:

Renata Serednicka,

+48 12 425 36 38 wew. 155,


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